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It's me, Shashank!

Do you want to sell without being salesy?

Might you be leading a business & looking to grow your limits?


Maybe your business is doing well, but you know you could even do better.


More leads. More Sales. Better Life.


Hi! I am Shashank Priyadarshi, an adventurer, entrepreneur, copywriter, and a person with many stories. I am on a mission, "To influence and change for better the life of 1 Million People around the globe in the next ten years."


It may be a huge mission statement, but every great thing starts with a more magnificent dream. That's about my dream, but I'm here to help you achieve your goals.


"I help businesses with irresistible copies that attract the right customers, increase sales, and develop unwavering brand value."


My only focus is to get you the response you deserve. So, let's discuss your problems.

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Launch Campagins 

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I help you launch stunning campaigns.

I weave my words into your vision & take your message to the hearts of your customers.

But hey, I'm particular with my clients. (I don't write anything or everything, only copies that sell.)

My offer at your service : -

Sales Copy

(Your silent salesperson aims to persuade your audience to take action NOW!)


Direct Response Emails (B2B Promotional Emails) (Grab your customer's attention by magical subject lines & allow them to take effect at the end.)


Press Release

(Who doesn't love free publicity? And If it gives you the authority to build trust & increase brand value, do you still mind?)

Long form Blog Posts

(Deeply researched from high-authority sources. Accurately weaved in conversational tone to strongly hold your audience to read and take actions.)

Clients &


I worked with various SaaS and B2B companies with their product launches & few small-businesses to get local authority.


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